User Experience of Evernote 3rd-party Integrations

Due to its own limitations, Evernote has two key features that it has not yet supported: neither this nor that. ~~ Specifically, it is Markdown. ~~ So I spent a week trying out all the software on the market that wiped the ass of EN for reference.


Marko is indeed a software with complete functions, but to be more precise, it is an online editor with evernote as storage. The real use of Evernote’s functions is only its search function. But think about it, the other editors are the same.

Although it has a client, that client is an offline app of Chrome, which has an additional protocol association. From the EN client, you can click the link to jump to the client for editing. But as mentioned above, it is just a Markdown editor that outputs pages to EN, so the modification in the EN client* cannot * Reverse synchronization to Marko, and the source code, attachments, and mathjax source code of the MD page are stored there. Once you terminate its 79 yuan a year (very expensive) service, although you can edit the notes it has created, But if you want to export or migrate to other tools, it will be super troublesome (especially formulas and codes), and you will lose the advantage that EN can facilitate migration ~~ a few turns ~~.

little bookmaker

Xiaoshujiang is the most powerful one among the several softwares I tried. It basically has the functions I want, such as indentation, MathJax, Emacs keys, picture insertion, and two-way synchronization. But it’s a pity that everything written by JS is rubbish. macOS has one* energy consumption index * , Firefox 28, Atom16, Little Bookmaker is around 12. And the Alternote I am using now has an index of 1.62. I use a notebook, and I don’t care about the card. I have been used to it for so many years, but I can’t bear the power consumption.


Although the way of using plug-ins and AppleScript makes me feel a little dirty, but this hack method is still eye-catching, and it gives people another reason to like mac. But the reason for the final pass is still one, the cost of electricity. When typing, the power consumption will increase. Although the energy consumption of Atom is only about 0.5-1 when it is still, once it is switched to the foreground, the energy consumption will rise to 6, and the CPU usage will also take off to about 30. When typing or scrolling the window, the CPU will soar to 100. And energy consumption also mentioned 15. It can’t be offered as a vase.

There are so many bugs that affect the experience. Open the floating tab and the CPU will remain high. After clicking the sync, the folder view will pop up. Turn it off and click again to sync. Inserting a picture will base64 encode it, then decode it and save the file. I fixed this funny bug. When I saw that piece of code, I immediately didn’t want to use it. Garbage JS, garbage coffee! The author said, WFM (Work For Me), the pot is beautiful! Work for you, not me.

It turns out that I still don’t understand why editors like vim and Emacs are not popular, and they can do everything? now I understand. Using obscure language to do the functions it should have for an editor with “great potential” that actually has no functions, isn’t this boring?


In the end I went back to my first choice. Although there is no formula or code box, this can be solved by other small tools. What’s more, if you think about those advanced functions, you can use them less than once in a few days. More specialized tools such as formulas will also be efficient. Higher (I haven’t studied the formula, but someone on stackoverflow suggested a solution). I think about it, the most commonly used bold italic headlines, link pictures and strikethrough are all there, and that’s enough. As for not having a TOC, that is a trivial matter.

Alternote also has a small detail that is easy to use, a function that really feels like writing software, and is willing to pay for it, that is——** Chinese participle ** . If you have really written in Chinese, you will realize that these few words are actually very important! Alt-arrow can jump between sentences faster, delete and modify words, especially for me who like to consider sentence breaks and punctuation, and an editor that can keep up with thinking is simply handy. When writing this point, I deliberately opened MS Word, the ultimate word processing tool, because I think it is so expensive that this function should be available. Surprisingly, there is, but,** Not as good as Alternote ** !

Only one sentence was tested, but it should illustrate the problem. The test method is to use alt-arrow to navigate when writing. When a breakpoint is reached, a vertical line will be drawn, but there are no lines on both sides of the punctuation marks. cannot be broken). ~~ Oh yes, the official client can also hyphenate normally. ~~ Update: All text areas that use macOS native text view and text field support Chinese hyphenation.

I don’t know if you have the function of Chinese word segmentation.

  • Alternote hyphenation: Chinese|word segmentation|of|function|don’t know|you have|no.
  • Word hyphenation: Chinese word segmentation|of|function|doesn’t know if you have|have it.

Well I don’t think it’s fair to word. Test again.

Alternote also has a small detail that is easy to use and explodes. A function that really feels like writing software and is willing to pay for it is-Chinese word segmentation. If you have really written in Chinese, you will realize that these few words are actually very important! When writing this sentence, I deliberately opened MS Word, the ultimate word processing tool, because I think it is so expensive that it should have this function. Surprisingly, there is, however, not as good as Alternote!

  • Alternote hyphenation Alternote|There is|a|easy to use|explosion||small|details, a|true|||writing|software||feeling, willing||it|pay|fee||function, That’s it - Chinese | participle. If you|you|really|use|write|in|written|in |Chinese|, you will|understand|realize that the |heavy|heavy|heavy|heavy|heavy|heavy|heavy|heavy|heavy|heavy|heavy|heavy|here|here|are|a few |characters| When writing|this|sentence|words|, I|specially|open||research|text|processing|tool|MS Word, because|I|think|it|sell|so|expensive and this|function |Should|will|have. Accident| Yes, there is, but it is not as good as|Alternote!

  • Word hyphenation Alternote|There is also a small detail that is easy to use and explode|, a function|that really feels like writing software|software and is willing to pay for it|that is|Chinese word segmentation. If you|have actually written in Chinese, you will realize|realize that the weight of these few|characters is actually very|heavy! When I wrote this sentence|, I deliberately opened the ultimate text processing|Science|Tool|MS|Word, because I think it is so expensive, this function should be|available. Surprisingly|yes, there is, but|yes, not as good as|Alternote!

Different people have different opinions.

Oh, by the way, do you know why I don’t use OneNote? I have installed OneNote for more than a year, and the synchronization has not been successful until now!

Other third-party clients


  • GeekNote

How should I put it, some people like to use the command line, just like it. I don’t like watching other people eat shit, but some people like it.

  • NixNote

Things that don’t give money are unreliable, 2 are not written in java, and there is no official compilation guide, and a GUI program is ugly, which makes people doubt its functionality.

  • Everpad

Linux only. No belief, no consideration. Talking about supporting many features of Evernote, such as tags, notebooks, categories… Is it because the editor is too weak and I have nothing to say?

Finally, here is a feature comparison. (Alas, the WYSIWYG table editor is still the best, rubbish markdown)

马克飞象 小书匠 Atom Alternote
Markdown ✅页面中隐藏 ⚠️自动渲染不保留源码
Mathematical formulas MathJax ❌可插图片
同步到Evernote ✅ENML+ hide MD ✅ENML+MD附件 ✅HTML
Sync from Evernote ❌链接到马象修改 ❌文字、代码块错乱
Import and Export ✅输出zip、md文件 ✅附件在本地文件夹
sync speed ❌JS预处理超级慢 ⚠️顿、界面BUG
power consumption ranking ❌❌ ✅✅
Chinese participle