Hexo Themes Sorted by Github Stargazers

Hexo’s official website maintains a list of topics submitted by users1, but unfortunately, Hexo’s official website is also a static website, so there is no sorting function, default, filter and search are not easy to use, and even some themes The Github Repo is all 404, so this page cannot intuitively tell us which theme is easy to use from the 291 themes.

Fortunately, the Hexo official website ontology is also open source, so we can easily find the yaml raw data 2 of this topic list. We use a script to read this raw data, and parse the name of the Github repo in it, and then obtain the number of stars of these repos through the Github API, we can roughly see which topics are more popular (more people use them), and then choose one that you like, It is a theme that is easy to use (and has a high probability of being maintained).

If you want, readers can continue to compare other statistical data of the repo, such as the number of commits, the last update time, the number of issues, etc. I don’t have any needs, so I won’t dig deeper.

the data shows

This table is sorted according to the number of Stargazers in Github at the time of writing this article. The badge in the table is generated using Shields.IO, and the number of Stars in it is updated in real time, so the actual number of stars may not necessarily be the same as that in the table. in the same order, and not necessarily in sync with the official list of topics2.

The hyperlink in the 主题名 column in the table is the demo of this theme, and the 源代码 column is the Github repo of this theme or the website where the author puts the source code.

subject list

subject name 描述 源代码
NexT NexT is an elegant and powerful theme
Material An elegant & Material Design Theme
Icarus A simple, delicate, and modern theme
indigo Material Design theme
Maupassant A simple theme with great performance on different devices
Apollo A theme inspired by
Tranquilpeak A gorgeous responsive theme
Matery A beautiful theme with material design and responsive design
Cactus A responsive, clean and simple theme for a personal webpage
Yelee Another simple and elegant theme by MOxFIVE
Even A simple theme
Hueman A redesign of Alx’s wordpress theme Hueman
Jacman A fresh looking and responsive theme
Melody A simple & beautiful & fast theme
Archer A smart and modern theme
Asnippet A simple and interesting theme
Anisina A support qiniu image cdn , simple responsive theme
Diaspora A clean and responsive theme
Huxblog A lean and elegant Theme with optimized SEO (Ported)
TKL A responsive design theme
pure Theme pure. It’s a pure theme
Minos A simple and retro styled theme, concentrated more on your ideas
Anatole A white and simple theme, originated from a Farbox theme
One Material and One page
Vexo Vexo is a theme inspired by Vue’s official website
Butterfly A simple & beautiful & fast theme
Raytaylorism A Material Design theme of with powerful features
Hacker A simple theme inspired by Wordpress theme Hacker
Material-X a material design theme
Replica A github style replication theme
Skapp A simple & beautiful & fast theme
Wikitten A personal wiki imitate Wikitten style
Fluid An elegant and light theme
BeanTech Clean, elegant and beautiful Theme with optimized SEO
Nexmoe A special Hexo theme
BMW BMW is not only clean but also very powerful theme
Freemind Fully taking advantages of Bootstrap
CleanBlog Fully featured, bootstrap blog
AirCloud A light and clean theme
Annie Annie is a simple theme. If you like literature and poetry, it might suit you!
Sakura A beautiful theme
Inside ❤️ SPA, flat and clean theme.
Hiker An attractive, exquisite theme
MiccallTheme A theme with Gorgeous fullscreen background image
BlueLake A responsive , simple theme
light Default theme
3-hexo Three sections, simple and convenient, like evernote
Ocean Ocean is a mobile-enabled theme based on the features in theme landscape
PolarBear A light theme base on Even, inspired by Giuem
MaterialFlow Yet another material design theme
AD Art Design is a modern theme for current screen and browser. It supports to lock passage without plugins!
AlphaDust A futuristic responsive theme
Edinburgh Clean, beautiful portfolio theme
gal wordpress theme
Daily Minimalism, simplicity and refined details
Chic An elegant,powerful,easy-to-read responsive Hexo theme.
tomotoes A simple theme based on indigo, add new feature and new style
Typing A pure and fresh theme
A-Boy A Clear and Light Theme
Claudia Grace, simple theme
Typography Rediscover the beauty of typography
landscape A brand new default theme
JSimple A simple three columns theme which inspired by
Cafe Pursuit of simplicity, simple operation, reading comfort
Phantom Full featured, visual blog
Hiero A free magazine and blog style theme
doc A documentation theme
Ochuunn Clean, elegant and beautiful Theme with optimized SEO
A-Obsidian A dark Hexo theme, it’s responsive, simple but elegant.
MiHo A simple, clean and responsive theme
Laughing A lightweight and focus on the theme of the reading experience
Yilia-plus A simple and elegant theme for hexo.
Nlvi A simple theme named Nlvi
Random A theme with random fullscreen background image
Hipaper A fashional newspaper theme
Nayo A clean theme
Corporate A professional theme based on the Corporate Frontend framework
Shana A theme about shana
varaint The theme of a minimalist
Aath A theme inspired by zhihu and juejin
Pln A plain theme
Aero-Dual Minimal and responsive. Easy/automatic switch of dark and light theme style by simple configuration. Theme color change is also easy
Typescript A minimal theme
hollow A pure and elegant theme
Freemind.386 Freemind.386 is a retro-style theme
Chan A super simple and elegant theme
ARIA Inspired by Kalafina’s song ARIA
Lite Keep Calm, Light and Writing, using Vue.js and Typescript
Overdose ⚠ Caution: you could be overdosed with this theme.
Clover A real simple theme
mellow Material Design theme
Very-Simple A black/white theme for which tend to be simple and elegant
Anodyne Clean and Bright Theme with cute icons
A-Ayer A Clean and Beautiful Theme for Hexo, also responsive.
mdui A google plus like theme
Wixo Turn your site into a Wiki!
Vateral A simple theme named Vateral
black-blue A wonderful black theme
Magnetic Full featured, visual blog
Smackdown A simple and cool theme
Primer Github Style Theme
Crisp-Minimal-Resume A minimalist resume template for Hexo
XOXO A responsive and simple theme
yinwang Simplest View For Your Article Best
Concise-theme A simple theme based on theme landscape
Bootstrap-Blog A simple Twitter Bootstrap blog theme
ylion A simple and surprising theme for you
cold-stone A simple, clean, text-based Hexo blog theme.
Again Medium like, but more awesome
Cxo A cool ,simple & beautiful theme
Flexy Flexy is a modern theme, written in Jade and Stylus using Flexbox
Jekyll A theme inspired by
jane A very simple theme
CyanStyle Inspired by Wordpress theme Twentytwelve
Xups A simple and flat theme
phase Feel the flow of time with Phase
ANTIQUITY A Chinese antiquity theme
bubuzou A theme inspired by apollo
believe A sample theme named believe
another A pithy and pure template
Geektutu A fast theme with light color
icalm Light and elegant
Autumn Recreate one classic and elegant wordpress theme — button
cutie A responsive, clean and cute theme heavily inspired by Pinghsu
Element Another minimal theme
Fan A dark theme
Geek A very simple theme of hexo blog geek.
Paperbox A responsive paper-like theme
MeiliDu A beautiful read
Book A simple, elegant, book-like hexo theme with some useful features.
Noise Noise description that no one should read
Cactus Light The light version of Cactus Dark, a responsive, light and simple theme for a personal webpage
A-RSnippet A beautiful and comprehensive responsive theme. The goal is to achieve as many functionalities as possible
hexadillax XadillaX built this theme with love and an otaku heart
Aloha a pure, simple, and responsive theme, it use Semantic-UI, and integrated Algolia search engine
Prontera A fast and modern theme
Solar 3D solar animation, clean, dark theme, simple and responsive
A-Huhu A simple and constantly revise theme.
Nuna A pure, minimalism and elegant theme
brewski A minimal theme
simpleblock A simple theme inspired by Twenty Twelve
beautiful-hexo A simple responsive beautiful theme
Oishi A pure, simple, white, and responsive theme, it’s integrated some Chinese local third services, such as Baidu statistics, duoshuo, etc
React Material design multipurpose theme
curry A beautiful theme with reference to Bear’s reading experience
Terminal A simple and clean theme
flex-block A simple block blog style based on a flex layout
casual A simple and cool theme
Cactus White A white version of Cactus Dark, responsive, clean and simple theme for a personal webpage
Polk Simple blog theme, focusing on articles
stun A beautiful & simple theme
cube A Theme inspired by DIYgod wordpress theme
gstyle a theme with google style
Dxx A sample theme
Clexy Clexy, A clean and elegant theme
Sky a concise theme
A-ACE A Comprehensive Elegant Theme
Toki A simple but elegant theme
PureBlue A light color theme with simple style.
carbon Carbon is a simple theme using pjax for elegant loading
Nova A theme using swig template aimed to build github project site conveniently
Materialize A clean materialize css theme with home page layout different than the other pages
Amber A boostrap blog theme
artemis A minimalist theme inspired by Apollo, built with Pug and Sass
Life 记录生活,为写作而生!
hexoThemeKacper Suitable for products blog
Adoubi A simple theme without tags, categories, comments and other chaos
Prince A SIMPLE and CLEAN theme
MyFairLady Girls pink heart theme
microb A very simple theme use pure css and less js
Resume a material design theme
A-Snail A beautiful hexo theme
Gradient Gradient is clean and modern theme
Gandalfr Yet, just another blog theme, based on theme apollo
Only Nothing strange. It’s only a theme
Sw-blog Transparent theme, with station search
Ada Ada is an concise theme
wiki-i18n A theme for i18n wiki site
LandFarZ A blue-colored theme based on theme Light
Chiangmai A theme inspired by Chiangmai City
Simplest Very simple, written with swig & scss
Dev Dark A simple dark theme, responsive and light
Yearn A responsive and simple theme
strata A responsive full featured blog or portfolio theme
snark A dark theme with lofter style
octo A port of the Octopress 2 ‘classic’ theme
Mtics-Resume A simple and minimal hexo resume theme
Foundation A theme based on the Zurb Foundation 5 theme
twentyfifteen-wordpress A clean, lightweight and responsive theme
Paper A Simple Clean Paper-like Theme for Hexo with Darkmode!
X’new X’new theme. Referred from
Lemon-Lime A refreshing theme
Griddy Hexo theme for artist & photographer showing their work
Free2mind A new debonaire theme
ztopic A simple responsive theme
Icer A simple theme
Utone A pure and minimalist theme
concise A beautiful and simple theme
QnA A FAQ theme
Cicada A concise and retro theme
Aa-Lx A light & simple & elegant theme
legend A theme with background video and audio
LanMiao A Pink and simple theme
wind A light and pure theme, in this complicated world
simple-japanese Makes Japanese more readable and beautiful
dawn Theme dawn. It’s a dawn theme
still Still is a minimal, pure colored theme inspired by farbox and apollo
yinwang An imitation of yinwang’s blog
zero Just for fun
olive the first theme which has light mode
icarus-rtl-jalaali Add jalaali calendar and create a rtl layout on icarus theme
Chord A simple and pure template
Morgan A concise theme, Style-Framework based on Tocas-UI
Lap A beautiful and clean theme, with station search and easy comment
Simple Simple & Fresh, written with jade & less
pteris A materialize and clean theme in nunjucks
Materialized A cool materialized theme for Hexo.
sam A simple, clean theme
zzoman2015 Simplest Theme by ZZOMAN
Samljen Another simple blog theme, inspired by Choo
Adagio A simple, elegant, calm, responsive theme with applause button, math support, and much more.
default An elegant Material Design theme for Hexo, based on MDUI.
Goyangin A Simple theme with Bulma Framework CSS
Hive a minimalist theme
ele An elegant theme for pure reading, thinking and writing
Amorfati A responsive simple theme
Slice A Simple & Beautiful SinglePaged Theme
Conci A concise theme
Mango Simple & Light Theme
Twitter Bootstrap Suited for coding. Green accented. Bootstrapped based. With disqus support
classless The Classless templates and themes implemented
pandollo A clean and minimal theme, inspired by Panda Syntax theme and Apollo theme
AcetoLog A beautiful & simple theme.
Corazon A simple theme. I hope I can maintain for a long time
Line A responsive, neat and simple theme
mls A theme with a fullscreen background image and transparent elements
fabric A simple theme, support archive and tags cloud
blairos A simple & beautiful & fast theme, focused on articles
iLiKE A clean and responsive theme
orange A simple theme for recording life.
xoxo-plus A Simple Template
zhaoo A simple theme for Hexo.
Hermes Updated, opinionated continuation of the Apollo theme
artemisX A simple theme based on artemis, add new feature and new style
Technology A technology theme
Mdm A material design theme, with dark mode. Suitable for PC & Phone
Lights A simple theme
Mokusei A dark theme
Purely Theme. Pure!
rexo Rexo is a minimally customized theme that supports RTL
Stage A refreshing and comfortable theme
yanchangyou A simple and easy read theme that inspired by Next
Tsu A light and simple theme
Type A material design hexo theme
mintin A simple theme
Space Cadet A modern, purple-accented Bootstrap 4 blog
codeteenager A flat topic for an exclusive programmer
clean-dark A Simple Clean Dark Theme for Hexo
Freemind.bithack A dark , pixel art theme for Hexo.
cold A super cool theme
zhl A sample and clean theme
Vanilla A fast and plain theme
fun a responsive design theme
Yin A Simple Theme for hexo.
Starry A responsive starry theme for Hexo.
cheatsheets Help you create your own cheatsheets.
Minami A Clear and Light Theme
smash A colorful React-like theme!
Minidyne Minimalistic Theme
simperlog Simple responsive personal blog theme
SB Clean and simple theme
Empty-Light A Clean And Dark Theme
simple-black A simple and black theme
syefe An imitation of Baidu EFE template
Siberia A beautiful and scalable theme
Soul An independently designed, dark-style theme.
July A minimalist, focused writing Hexo theme.
Lightx A concise and elegant hexo theme
mono An extremely simple and customizable blog theme
nebula A simple, clean, dark theme
Tree A simple tree directory theme for Hexo.
bulxo A simple, modern, beautiful theme with Bulma
hannah A simple & beautiful & fast theme
Milan Beautiful, responsive e-commerce theme with built-in cart functionality
St. Andrews Clean, beautiful blogging theme
lightime Inspired by Hugo theme Cactus
LightOne Remove the sidebar from theme light
Weightless A lightweight theme with minimal fuss
grace A simple and grace theme
Staunch A clean and focus on words theme
Suka A Modern and Simple Theme, with a lot of powerful features