Head First Java Reverse

Say (shui) good (shui) weekly update is coming! foreword By chance, I got a piece of news that a supposedly famous mind-mapping software that I have never used before is currently on sale. The original price of the software is 39 or 49 dollars, and now it only costs one dollar! I took a look at it based on the principle that I can’t buy it at a loss and I can’t be fooled.

99ss Desktop App Analysis: Bypass Anti-MITM and HTTP payload encryption

It’s not that I can’t find the admission ticket, but it’s a bit painful to announce the results during the holiday. [White Eyes] Originally, if you can’t find the admission ticket, you can go to a magical website, but when you want to check it these two days, that website has been shut down, revealing the 404 of the cloud service provider. Looking at the issue of that project, it seems that 99ss was updated by the way when the results were released in June, so this website is not easy to use.

Tips for College English Test (CET)

It seems to be a bit of an afterthought to send out after finishing the sixth level. But it can’t be blamed on me, after all, I concluded it after I took the exam during the exam, so I quickly sent it out before I forgot. 😘 Write a little bit here first, and summarize with time as the main line.** high quality ** Answer all the exam questions.

Blog Theme Update

Go to the link first! {% iframe “/assets/github-btn.html?user=ttimasdf&repo=tranquilpeak-hexo-theme&type=star&count=true” 170 20 %} Compared with the original theme, the main functions added: Fully asynchronous loading (web pages, search pages, comment areas) local search The first time I wrote JS, I was so nervous. 🙈 I also forgot where I saw Instantclick, and I fell into the pit in an instant and added it to my own website. 😆 The first time I forked this theme, the original theme was version 1.

Wireless Sniffing Campus Network Authentication Gateway (IPGW)

大家都知道, On April 18, the login interface of a certain school’s campus network was upgraded. I will talk about the specific changes in the next article. For most people, the process of entering the user name and password to log in has not changed. But for the rabbit, this means that some dark things can secretly open a small window to see the sun. In this article, only one proof-of-concept , does not provide specific attack tools, nor does it provide step-by-step penetration tutorials, and I am too lazy to explain the principles.