Source Code Analysis Android SELinux Application Permission Assignment

After using the method above (well, this* above * I haven’t sent it yet) After signing my ROM with my own certificate, I encountered a strange bug. After the boot load is complete, it will display “The system interface has stopped running”, and after clicking “Close Application”, an infinite loop of error will be reported. Here, combined with the source code of Android 7.1.1, I will briefly note the solution to this strange problem caused by SELinux.

Go binary obfuscation protection

Go is awesome. Compile in one place, run everywhere, no dependencies, no hassle! But here comes the trouble. We write a program that we want to run on someone else’s computer. However, golang’s default mechanism will leak some of our information, although not much, but also a bit embarrassing. This article combines some common methods on the Internet to summarize a set of general and simple protection measures. Remove debug symbols By default, the program compiled by go will output the error in which thread, file, function, and line it made when it runs in error, like this,

15 Minute Crash Golang

The project needs to go. Translated a great golang tutorial. The most distinctive part of the original text is that it explains the code in the way of code, and explains the characteristics of the language in the way of code. It is very suitable for people with a certain foundation to see. What is this called, ** Eschew surplusage ** The original translation is very machine translation, and the content is not complete - I still think that people who write code should read more books, really!

Android 7.1.1 N Ways to Eliminate Network Error Reports

In Marshmallow and previous versions, the method of modifying captive_portal_server is well known. After the Nougat version is updated, this method is useless. The reason, to put it simply, is that the piece of code that detects the network connection has been reloaded! Write! up! Let’s talk about a few useful methods. modify system settings In the Nougat system, the main modifications are two setting items, captive_portal_http_url and captive_portal_https_url

Overview of Dalvik commands

The writing in the book is really bad. Summarize a little bit. Bytecode representation Bytecode Bitwise description The data layout used to represent the instruction binary code. [A|G|op BBBB F|E|D|C] A letter represents 4bit data (a round of hexadecimal) op means 8bit operation code (one byte, two hexadecimal) Ø indicates that this bit must be zero in the instruction One space per 16 bits (one word) Vertical bars separate different data

Compile Kali Nethunter

Hackers always have to bring some outfits with them to satisfy their desire to pretend to be aggressive everywhere, so they invented Kali Nethunter, which packs the hacker spirit in their mobile phones, wherever they go, and wherever they go. Where do you come from? Eh, I don’t send it, I don’t send it. As a hacker, using your own stuff is awesome, but using other people’s stuff is just pretending.