OpenWRT/LEDE enables NAT-free global IPv6

For an IPv6, I don’t know how many nights I have tossed. Today it is finally done. IPv6 should not have any magic tricks such as NAT6 or radvd forwarding, but as an infrastructure, stability is the first element. Because of software implementation bugs, the network is unstable, and it is really for the new technology that the gains outweigh the losses. But I still have to say that it is best to learn something like IPv6 quickly.

Stripping the bottoms of mobile games - Cocos2dx and LuaJIT complete decryption

Hehehe~ I have been enhanced in my love, after all, it is人生第一篇精华帖 , Let’s celebrate~ Two days of nights are not in vain 😄 Well… This morning, I was tweeted again by my love official,链接在这里 . In order to satisfy the desire to collect, I want to win all the vertical paintings of a certain card game. In the process of reverse engineering, some fields that have not been explored by the predecessors have been opened up, and there is no corresponding information in either Chinese or English.

Cracking Duoduomao VIP

I am going to show off my skills and seek glory in my love, so I will make a simple arrangement for the reverse thinking here. Drag into JADX, search string directly VIP Targeting public void onStart() { // ... String replace = z.b(R.string.format_live_days).replace("{num}", cc.i); if (cc.e > 0) { CharSequence charSequence = cc.e > 1 ? "SVIP" : "VIP"; this.d.setText(charSequence + " LV" + cc.f + " " + replace); // .

Docker Automated Build by Example - OpenGrok

Why am I so obsessed with this OpenGrok, probably because it is the only decent code auditing tool on the market? When I saw this project about half a year ago, I wrote a build script casually (in fact, the shell has disgusted me for a long time). At that time, it was activated on docker, and I just left it there and let it go. It didn’t come in handy for various reasons.

Free AOSP source tree compilation Android kernel

In order to let the old Note4 play the residual heat, get rid of the damn SELinux, compile the kernel, macOS can’t compile, lack elf.h, check the solution is quite troublesome, just open a new ubuntu, and try the said good Apple Hypervisor framework [Performance + 10, memory occupancy -50]. Traditional cross compiling needs to checkout the entire Android source code library of more than 20 Gs. Even if shallow clone is specified, it will cost 17 and 8G.


< Gt r = “12”/>: brew maintainer < gt r = “10”/> needs to merge upstream, and from the end of the article, it is obviously impossible to merge. My PR will not be lost there, just download the patch from < gt r = “11”/> and apply it yourself. Python is faith. Versions are also part of faith. Just kidding. The reason why I have to compile it myself is because a gdb plugin does not support Py2.