File Read/Write Alert Based on Windows Defender Ransomware Protection

The Windows system has its own antivirus software, and Windows Defender contains many unknown functions. The ransomware protection we use today 1 (also called** Controlled folder access ** , Controlled Folder Access), is a very meaningful small function. This feature is available in all series of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019, but only in* No other antivirus software installed in the system * to see this option. Generally speaking, what this function does is to monitor several directories 2 specified by the user and preset by the system.

Hexo Themes Sorted by Github Stargazers

Hexo’s official website maintains a list of topics submitted by users1, but unfortunately, Hexo’s official website is also a static website, so there is no sorting function, default, filter and search are not easy to use, and even some themes The Github Repo is all 404, so this page cannot intuitively tell us which theme is easy to use from the 291 themes. Fortunately, the Hexo official website ontology is also open source, so we can easily find the yaml raw data 2 of this topic list.

My New Blog Publishing Workflow

first article. So nervous. Record how to make writing more comfortable~ Blogging, easy…? In order to motivate myself to write more, I want to synchronize my blog to the official account I just applied for, so that it can also bring more exposure opportunities for the text. Cultivating the habit of writing is not easy, and a set of convenient tool chains is even more important. I started to do some research and found that it is not as simple as I imagined to output a formatted article.

A failed Attempt to crack Thunder for Mac

The new film Ready Player One made my heart itch, and I want to go to the Pirate Bay to enjoy the next wave of gun version. Seriously downloaded uTorrent for a while… This shit is too slow to bear. Thunder - start! Download, open…huh? Member trial? try out! Wow. Cool! ——The membership trial is over! Ugh, my god it’s slower than uT. I just feel itchy and want to practice how to write a hook, so come on.

V2Ray receives Google FCM push

OnePlus, who came back from the maintenance point, had traces of the years on his face, and his body was not as good as day by day. Turn on the battery usage, everyone consumes power except the mobile phone screen Google service is a super power-consuming universe invincible spinning explosion garbage mobile phone QQ that you want to delete but cannot delete. Green guard here! Drag me out! All right.